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PFCS hosts continuing education webinars, conferences & seminars, and fun for our clients and partners!


Webinar: Investigating Habitability Claims

Tuesday, June 18 | 10-11 a.m. PT

Habitability claims appear to becoming more and more common. It is a common law right of a tenant or legal doctrine. And although there is no concise, statutory definition of the term, there are LOTS of regulations mandating the minimum performance requirements of residential property being rented by owners to tenants.


Webinar: Adjacent Property Disputes

Thursday, June 20 | 10-11 a.m. PT

Good fences make good neighbors. Unless your neighbor built their fence on your property! Review statutes and case studies regarding disputes including property line encroachment, view obstruction, tree roots causing damage to neighboring property, and architectural control violations in community associations (HOAs). 


Seminar: Managing Construction Projects

Tuesday, July 9 | SACRAMENTO

Managing construction is hard and often complex. So is understanding who is responsible for what. Our program will explain the fundamentals of building construction contracting, including the roles and responsibilities of the parties, and the flow of documents and information.


Webinar: General Liability Claims

Tuesday, July 16 | 10-11 a.m. PT

The world is a dangerous place and stuff happens when you least expect it. When there is a difference of opinion about a claim for building damage, and especially when there is litigation, someone needs to figure out if the condition is or was a danger and render a thoughtful opinion about whether or not it caused or contributed to the damage. 

2019 Webinar Series

1/22 Habitability ClaimsWATCH
2/20 MEP Construction Defect Claims WATCH
3/21 Cost Estimate AnalysisWATCH
4/23 Slip, Trip & Fall ClaimsWATCH
5/15 Landlord-Tenant DisputesWATCH
6/20 Adjacent Property Disputes
7/16 General Liability Claims
8/21 Water Intrusion Claims
9/19 Fire, Flood & Landslide Claims
10/15 Roofing Claims
11/20 Admissibility of Expert Opinions
12/18 Professional Contracting Discipline
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