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Managing Property Maintenance, Improvement and Repair

Case Study: Repair Map

Poor work by property improvement contractors is often the number one consumer complaint in the U.S. Our experience is that only a small percentage of contractors involved in property maintenance or improvement are unscrupulous; unfortunately, many are so incompetent that they might as well be stealing.

Large maintenance projects should be considered “construction projects”, and be managed with professionalism and processes. Due-diligence requires the collection of bids for maintenance, repairs, and improvements; overcoming the difficulty of getting comparable proposals from contractors requires effort and professionalism.

We will show you an integrated approach that includes:

  • Defining the scope of work
  • Budgeting and scheduling the project
  • Contracting the work so you and your clients are appropriately protected
  • Coordinating the work and creating documentation to make the project run smoothly
  • Verifying that you are getting what you are paying for

In this webinar we will present a process to help you avoid common pitfalls that can lead to project shortcomings, physical defects, delays, cost overruns, legal disputes and headaches!

This course is approved by the National Board of Certification for Community Association Managers (NBC-CAM) to fulfill continuing education requirements for the CMCA® certification. www.nbccam.org

View an excerpt of our Managing Property Maintenance, Improvement and Repair presentation

Property Analysis Seminar / Webinar Series

Programs in this series:

  1. Property Condition Assessment Using ASTM E2018-08
  2. Evaluating Water Leakage of Buildings Using ASTM E 2128-01a
  3. Managing Property Maintenance, Repair and Improvement.
  4. Contracts for Property Maintenance, Repair and Improvement.
  5. How to Save (Your Community) A Million Bucks! Prioritizing Maintenance and Repairs on a Limited Budget

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